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 Red-fronted Macaw: How birdwatching tourism and three Quechua communities can help a critically endangered...

San Carlos, Perereta, and Amaya, located in Cochabamba, central part of Bolivia, have been engaged in specialized tourism for 17 years, generating resources to support education, sports, and other areas. The Red-fronted Macaw Community Reserve is the most important natural nesting site for this bird. Situated in an agricultural area, it serves as a refuge for this and 134 other bird species.

A controversial road crosses one of the world’s best-preserved biomes

A road expansion project in the Chiquitano dry forests of Bolivia will also affect indigenous communities, who question its costs and benefits

The community that learned to conserve nature seeks to reactivate ecotourism

Villa Amboró was one of the first community-based tourism projects in Bolivia. For years, its inhabitants managed to make this activity a complement to sustainable agriculture. Now they hope to receive visitors again, in order to continue with the project.

In two years, fire reaches 55 protected areas and 22 of them support fires...

- Fewer hectares burned in 2020 than in 2019 (more than 4 million hectares until October, ), but there were more fires inside national parks and departmental and municipal reserves. - Last year ecoregions that had not been affected by fires burned, such as Tropical Andes, Tucumano-Bolivian forest, and Chaqueño Serrano forest.