Jardin de las Delicias (Garden of Earthly Delights), an option to enjoy nature and adventure in Amboro

This community tourism project manages one of the Santa Cruz most emblematic natural attractions. It provides lodging services and guides to explore the forest with spectacular waterfalls over 100 meters high.

En este atractivo destacan tres majestuosas cascadas. Foto: Rubén Dario Azogue
El Jardín de las Delicias es uno de los atractivos m

The Jardin de las Delicias del Amboro is one of Bolivia’s most impressive tourist destinations. Located in he El Torno municipality, Santa Cruz department, this place offers a unique experience for nature and outdoor activities lovers.

Just two hours from the Santa Cruz city, the Integrated Management Natural Area of Amboro Park, (ANMI for its acronym in Spanish – Area Natural de Manejo Integrado) one of the Bolivia’s most important protected areas. It stands out for its high biodiversity and its impressive waterfalls of 90 and 195 meters high, which are accessible to the visitor.

To get to these waterfalls, it is necessary to take hikes through the jungle, which allows you to enjoy a unique landscape and flora and fauna species observation. In addition, one can engage in activities such as rappelling in both falls and enjoy natural pools and beaches.

The El Tumbo I Waterfall is the most visited attraction by tourists, since it is easily accessible and is located just five minutes from the ecotourism cabins managed by the community members. With a 90 meters heigh and 22 meters width, this waterfall forms a natural pool ideal for bathing and has a rocky ave.

El Tumbo II Waterfall is an impressive waterfall of around 110 meters high and 9 meters wide, the highest in the area, which forms in the Surutu River course. To access it, it is necessary to follow a path that runs parallel to the river from the top, during which you can see various smaller waterfalls.

In this area, the “Jardfn de las Delicias” Agrarian Union provides lodging services in cabins, guides, and food, upon request.

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Best time to visit:

•   The Jardfn de las Delicias in Santa Cruz is an ideal destination throughout the year thanks to the
fact that the river is fed by the Surutu River sources. However, it is recommended to avoid rainy
days; To do so, it is recommended to go with a 4×4 vehicle, since the route has mountainous
areas and varied types of soil.


  • Amboro National Park, in the El Torno municipality, 36 kilometers from Santa Cruz de la Sierra
    City on the road to La Guardia municipality. See location: https://bit.ly/441Mn8D


Entrance to the protected area

  • National students and children: Bs 10 ($us 1.5)
  • National Adult: Bs 20 ($us 3)
  • Foreign adults / children: Bs 100 ($us 15)

Other costs:

  • In order to enjoy various facilities, such as parking lot, bathrooms, tourist guides, trail, and
    attraction cleaning, among others, a payment of Bs 10 per tourist (1.5 dollars) is required. Also,
    if you want to use the camping area, an additional Bs 10 fee is due.
  • Parking and other services, contact the community: + 591 67758630 and + 591 70482396

Essential clothing and accessories:

In this tourist destination of Santa Cruz you can do various adventure activities. Photo: Nex
  • Boot or trekking shoes for trails
  • Sandals to take a bath in the pools or waterfalls
  • Light clothing (preferably long-sleeved shirt)
  • Cap or hat
  • Flashlight and first aid kit
  • Personal items in order to spend the night in the camping area
  • Transport:
  • Trufis (shared taxi service) are available from Santa Cruz de la Sierra city that depart form the
    ex-terminal in the La Ramada market area. Once at El Torno, different 4×4 vehicles are available.
    To contract their service, you can call the following numbers: + (591) 63454171 / (591) 74834096.

This content is taken from the “Soy Bolivia” verified guide, prepared in April 2023 with information provided by organizations and communities involved. This guide is updated annually to ensure its validity. In order to suggest a community tourism venture, free of charge, you are welcome to send a WhatsApp message to the number (591) 70079347.

  • Note: Prices are updated to May 2023.

Warning. The images in this guide were provided by representatives of the involved communities, who assured that they use these photographs for the respective promotions of their ventures.