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Luribay: “Ruta de los Sabores (Flavors Route)”, in a high-altitude valley in La Paz department

Este destino permite explorar la rica arquitectura colonial que ha sobrevivido al paso del tiempo, además de una variedad de sabores únicos de vinos y singanis artesanales.

The Luribay “Ruta de los Sabores” is a route 165 kilometers from La Paz city. On the way you can enjoy avariety of liquors, wines, and fruits such as peach, which will delight your palate. In addition, to explore colonial haciendas full of history and culture.

This enterprise families offer a tourist services variety, which include transportation, local guide, and food.

According to the itinerary, emblematic places can be visited such as former president Jose Manuel Pando colonial hacienda, and the vineyards and the Luribay winery, where you will be able to learn about wine and artisan singani production process, as well as a tasting event.

Also there is the opportunity to relax in a pool, and also learn about honey and its derivatives production process at the local beekeeping center.

The tour includes a typical snack at La Cabana Union.

Travel services

  • Round trip transportation
  • Local guide
  • Food, according to itinerary
  • Typical snack at “La Cabana Union”
  • Entrance to the former president Jose Manuel Pando colonial hacienda (located at the Catavi
  • Entrance to vineyards and Luribay Winery
  • Tasting a variety of wines accompanied with food pairing event
  • Admission to the pool
  • Admission to the beekeeping center.
  • Honey tasting

Essential clothing and accessories:

  • Walking shoes
  • Hat


  • Mobile service coverage: Entel and Tigo

Way to get there:

Contact: Phone: +591 72207682

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  • Note: Prices are updated to May 2023.

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