Villa Amboro: a door to the Bolivian Amazon jungle

Due to its varied trails and attractions offer, this site located in the Santa Cruz Amboro National Park and Integrated Management Natural Area (ANMI for its acronym is Spanish Area Natural de Manejo Integrado), is suitable for adventure, family, and relaxation tourism. This ecotourism project offers accommodation, food, and local guides.
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Five indigenous villages in the Bolivian amazon use technology and checkpoints to self-govern and preserve their territor

The Movimas, Yuracarés, T'simanes, Mojeño-Trinitarios and Mojeño-Ignacianos make up the Multiethnic Indigenous Territory in Beni. Since 2022 they have been self-employed and are now working on the organization of their government and the conservation of their natural resources.

Loma Santa, an indigenous conservation area and expression of the autonomy of the MIT

41% of the Multiethnic Indigenous Territory corresponds to this area of water sources, Amazon forest and floodplains, where a great variety of species of fauna and flora live.

 Red-fronted Macaw: How birdwatching tourism and three Quechua communities can help a critically endangered bolivian species

San Carlos, Perereta, and Amaya, located in Cochabamba, central part of Bolivia, have been engaged in specialized tourism for 17 years, generating resources to support education, sports, and other areas. The Red-fronted Macaw Community Reserve is the most important natural nesting site for this bird. Situated in an agricultural area, it serves as a refuge for this and 134 other bird species.

Discover the Madidi National Park biodiversity with Yuruma Journeys

Este emprendimiento de ecoturismo de base comunitaria es una iniciativa de familias del pueblo indígena de San José de Uchupiamonas, comprometido con una de las áreas protegidas más biodiversa del planeta.

Experiential tourism, astronomy, and Andean art in Tiahuanacu

The Tiahuanacu municipality located 74 kilometers from La Paz city, has the Tiwanaku archaeological site and respective museums, but also offers a complementary activities variety. In 2022, Adetur for its acronym in Spanish - Asociacion de Emprendimientos Turismo Integral Tiwanaku (Tiwanaku Integral Tourism Enterprises Association) was created, made up of local inhabitants that offer tourist services in gastronomy, lodging, tourist guides, handicrafts, dairy products, and Andean astronomy experiences.

Takesi Route: an adventure through three ancient ecosystems

In addition to trekking on pre-Columbian trails, this community tourism adventure offered in La Paz department includes activities such as agrotourism, gastronomic tourism, birdwatching tours, and fishing tours.





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